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Welcome to the World Armour Archive!
This website is home to a vast collection of images of armour, specifically armour like tanks, combat aircraft, naval vehicles and standard weapons systems (spanning from side arms, to rifles, to machine guns, to anti tank and anti air).

About us

This page was made by two people, T and H. We both enjoy making webstites with HTML and CSS, and we are both interested in the history of armour, and modern military tech. I(H), am more orientated towards tanks and ground armour, where as T is more interested in aircraft and planes. We came together and decided that we should put our interests into one large space. So we created this archive, where we plan on documenting, and sharing information about such things.



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British Challenger 2
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Heuys in Vietnam
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German Machine gun operators doing a demo
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APDSFS or HE round on live firing